5 questions to an expert: Julien Vasseur


For more than 10 years, Vertigo Media has specialized in setting up qualified lead acquisition campaigns to allow your marketing departments and call centers to focus on their mission: to achieve their sales goals. Expert in +20 different sectors, (insurance, telecommunications, education, housing and renovation, etc.) in Europe and in the US market, our experience has allowed us to gain the trust of +350 customers around the world. We are constantly updating our practices according to the evolution of digital behaviors in order to adapt to the new processes of the market.

Discover the interview of Julien Vasseur, Marketing & Data Director at Vertigo Media, who shares his analysis of an effective lead acquisition program.

1) Can you describe your missions within Vertigo Media and the role of your department ?

I work at Vertigo Media as Marketing & Data Director. My role is vast however I am currently focusing on the production part of the ” Lead Generation ” department (Media buying, Marketing as well as the technical challenges of Vertigo Media). 

With my team, we make sure to provide leads to our partners by guaranteeing the volume requested with the requirement of quality. My department includes 4 axes:

  1. Positioning Vertigo Media on new verticals, new lead generation technologies.
  2. Guiding the positioning of the “Lead Generation” business unit.
  3. Identifying market opportunities and consolidating internal and external skills.
  4. Developing and supporting the production process with the teams.

In view of our recent office openings in Toronto and Amsterdam, I also support and train the new teams to the best processes to meet the objectives of our partners. But we do not intend to stop there, our ambition is to become the reference in terms of intentional lead generation. We also plan to double our workforce within 12 months with the opening of new offices in Europe, and add them to those we have in Barcelona, London and Paris, in order to effectively cover the entire European market. 

2) How to run a good lead acquisition program for sales departments?

To run a good lead collection program, you must, first of all, know the customers of your partners (the famous “personas”). It is essential to have knowledge of their shopping habits, their hours of connection, etc …When we work with a partner, we do this pre-work in order to adapt our lead collection schedules to the schedules that transform best. 

Knowing personas also allows us to target the right acquisition tools to use (Social Networks, Native, Google etc.) and to calibrate partner sales teams according to the volume of leads generated. 

We also rely on our partner’s exclusion criteria to guide our research and respond precisely to the objectives. So, for example, if a partner only wants apartment owners and not house owners, we steer our lead acquisition campaign in that direction. 

To summarize, a good lead collection program refers both to the relevant use of quality levers (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Native, etc.) and to the implementation of effective activation strategies (message, incentive, communication at the right time and to the right person, search for the best engagement rate).

3) Is it better to focus on the volume or quality of the lead?

Our job is to align quantity and quality of the lead as much as possible. Nevertheless, we focus on quality. We are aware that a high-quality lead will allow our partners to convert better and that is why we sell hot leads (in real time) but also intentional leads.

Companies rely on hot leads, that is to say prospects who have recently made a request to be contacted again, because they convert much better than a database purchase for example, and this, at a lower price.

Our lead generation service makes sure to collect these leads on the processing schedules of our partners’ teams and call centers so that they can contact them in the process. This is a guarantee of quality that we have in order to maximize the chances of conversion while having affordable rates. In addition to hot leads, we also offer intentional leads that convert more even if they are more expensive to acquire than leads acquired via Facebook or Native. Once again, we make a mix between hot, intentional leads according to the objective to be achieved by our client. 

4) How do you ensure a quality of volume in the long term?

At Vertigo Media, we guarantee a quality volume over the long term through the implementation of weekly management points but also reviews of the main KPIs (such as evaluating the reachability rate, sales costs or appointments in physical place etc.), optimization and rapid corrective actions to adapt the strategy and boost quality lead acquisition performance in the long term (new messages and offers to put forward, adapt the number of call center agents…) 

5) 100% GDPR: with the evolution of GDPR standards, is it still possible to be compliant?

GDPR standards evolve very regularly and, it is obvious that we work in a changing environment to which we must constantly adapt to work serenely in compliance with legislation. In addition, it must be taken into consideration that the regulations are not the same from one country to another, or even from one region / state to another (in the United States for example). Our teams are trained to know the specificities of each market and comply with GDPR standards. Training is at the heart of our strategy and we constantly follow the changing news in order to respect the compliant processes to be put in place at each stage of our campaigns.

This is even more true in the relationship we have with call centres, which are themselves subject to new regulations. Also, we work to always comply with GDPR standards both for the legitimacy of our processes and for the customers who trust us. This allows us to continue to get more and more relevant leads while respecting the required volume.


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