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In a hyper-competitive sector, and to stand out, you must address the right student! Our experts provide you with qualified leads based on different criteria such as the level of study and the desired training, to allow you to anticipate academic highlights and reach your student quotas.

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Internet / Telco

Getting the right information at the right time is key in the sales process. We allow you to target and reach people who want to change their internet, mobile, TV offer or simply switch to fiber optics to turn them into customers.

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All financial institutions facilitate and contribute to the growth of the economy. For a proper functioning of these, it is essential to have a system of trust and information. We help you collect sensitive data to be able to target your prospects and generate growth.

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In constant interaction with their professional and increasingly demanding in terms of prevention and follow-up, patients are now looking for the best opportunities for health services. Highlight your solutions! We allow you to have a detailed knowledge of your prospects in order to better understand their needs and meet them.

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How to stand out in an ultra-competitive market? By investing significantly or by specializing in a field (hair implants, dental implants, tanning …) ? Nevertheless, it is essential to target intentional leads. We deliver them to maximize your sales.

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With the arrival of new insurers on the market (Big Techs etc.), it is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate its offers and attract customers. Our advice: invest in innovation, focus on partnerships and recover the right data to anticipate needs at the right time.

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With gas, gasoline and electricity prices soaring, individuals want to save money on their bills by improving and optimizing their energy solutions. Do you want to offer them your offers? We allow you to target these intentionists at the right time to successfully convert and engage them more easily.

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Interior design

The aging of the population and multiple lockdowns have led individuals to better equip themselves and to efficiently arrange their homes.
The demand is real, the objective is now to differentiate and offer its services faster than its competitors. We allow you to target interested people in order to convert them into customers.

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84% of French Internet users are expected to buy online in 2022, 2% more than in 2021. The maturity of the market is no longer to be questioned, but it is still necessary to maximize its chances of growth, targeting people with a strong interest in its products at the right time. We support you to obtain qualified data.

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In France, the agri-food sector represents the 1st industrial sector in terms of jobs and turnover. With a turnover of 213 billion euros, the market is not immune to crises, which is causing it to lose ground at the global level. A detailed knowledge of consumption habits is necessary to succeed in the game.

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