What can we offer you?

Exclusive or premium leads

Once collected, the lead is only sent to a customer to allow him to maximize his conversion capacity by customizing as much as possible the criteria for selecting prospects. (Geographical areas, income level, age, etc.)

Shared leads

In agreement with our advertisers, we have the possibility to offer for some of our verticals, the pooling of leads. Each valid lead is transmitted to several companies at the same time. This operation allows our advertisers to obtain a significant amount of leads at a competitive cost.

Hot leads

Our lead collection service relies on your processing schedules. Indeed, our acquisition campaigns are active during the working hours of your teams or call centers. This is one of the guarantees of quality of the leads that we deliver to you in order to be able to contact them more quickly and thus better convert them.

Custom Landing Pages

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the market, our teams create and configure landing pages specific to your sector to allow you to obtain a large volume of intentional qualified leads.

Conversational leads including Chatbot

The chatbot is a solution used to collect leads. It offers greater interactivity with the prospect and thus allows you to obtain additional and accurate information that your call center can use to improve your ROI.


At Vertigo Media, our experts accompany you and help you throughout the process of collecting qualified leads to enable you to acquire new customers and increase your sales performance.

To do this, we implement campaigns but also we monitor them and measure their impact to give you the best lessons and make the right optimization decisions.

Our lead acquisition campaigns

Quick to implement, we set up our campaigns within 72 hours for concrete and defined results.
Our campaigns are targeted to reach the right prospect at the right time.
Optimised on the most powerful advertising sources, our campaigns allow a quick acquisition of exclusive or shared leads. Discover our network
We implement test & learn campaigns to perfect the experience and maximize performance.

Our goal: to make lead generation more accessible, more efficient and more profitable.

We meet your quantitative and qualitative needs or targeted leads in a personalized way.

Our lead acquisition processes

Our approach is:

Data-oriented and user-centric
Based on local market knowledge
In total agreement with your budget and deadlines

Our network

Working with Vertigo Media Performance means benefiting from a network of more than 20 premium traffic sources, put at the service of your lead generation campaigns.
We have different channels to respond in the best possible way to your marketing challenges: GoogleAds, Bing search, Social Media (FB, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube), Display, Native, Content marketing, Affiliation, Emailing.

Depending on your business issues, it is important to adapt the media mix deployed to ensure the best possible efficiency. Also, our teams master all the levers available for your campaigns and digital advertising and are committed to constantly optimizing the quality of the network. They buy and manage advertising investments on the largest platforms such as FB, google, native etc. The traffic then arrives on our internal sites and the proprietary algorithm of our platform filters the data optimally before delivering intentional leads directly to your CRM database.


Our systems, processes and practices comply with the conditions set out in the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The data is processed transparently for a serene and efficient implementation of campaigns.

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